Grateful for Life-Giving Water

The people of Granada, Nicaragua rely on plants growing on Mombacho Volcano, like the one pictured above, for water. These plants soak up moisture from the clouds, drain it to the aquifers below and provide sustenance to entire communities.

In the early days of January, when we are all wrapped up in making and breaking resolutions, why not simply make and maintain a new health habit instead? Replacing sugar sweetened beverages — including soda, energy drinks and many drinks that pass themselves off as fruit juice — with water has enormous potential to improve your health. Making this transition will help lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, weight problems and even cancer.

Don’t want to drink just plain water? Reach for a piece of fruit or a vegetable instead. Both are packed with water and will keep you refreshed while providing great taste along with fiber, vitamins and other important nutrients.