Meet Dr. Elise Atkins

Hi! I’m Dr. Elise Atkins and I founded Coastal Vitality MD to help you live your healthiest life.

Back in 2018, I thought my own health was just fine, until I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. That led me to realize that I suffered pretty regularly from irritable bowel syndrome, frequent respiratory infections and a host of other bothersome issues. Once I discovered the power of lifestyle medicine, my health problems melted away and my journey toward living my own healthiest life began.

Now I’m grateful to experience more health and more life, whether I’m hiking up a mountain or simply enjoying good food with friends and family.

I aspire to live many more healthy years appreciating nature’s bounty, strengthening my personal relationships and finding purpose in my work.

Perhaps you dream of having more energy to travel, loving how you look and feel in your clothing, getting down on the floor — and back up again! — to play with your grandchildren, or something else entirely. Whatever your aspirations, I get up each morning so I can empower people like you to create your own life-changing success stories and turn your dreams into reality.


Dr. Elise is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine and Obesity Medicine and brings her rich experience in primary care to her specialty medical practice. She believes in caring for individuals as whole people and treating them with the sensitivity and respect they deserve. With an in-depth understanding of complex medical issues, she is skilled in navigating the intricacies of weight management as well as chronic disease prevention and reversal.

Dr. Elise Atkins MD

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Elise enjoys speaking to medical professionals and lay audiences about a wide range of health topics related to Lifestyle Medicine and Weight Management. Past speaking engagements have included Preventing Dementia, Food as Medicine for Chronic Pain, Intermittent Fasting, Soy and Breast Cancer, Men’s Health and more. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to engage your audience, reach out to Dr. Elise to inquire about her availability.

Speaking Review

“Dr. Elise’s talk was amazing, one of the most engaging we’ve ever hosted! The presentation was informative, interesting and kept us laughing the whole time. I received a ton of positive feedback from folks afterwards. Best of all, now we’re excited to incorporate a variety of delicious, healthy foods into our future brunches! We are so appreciative of the work that Dr. Elise put into making our event a success. We feel like the lucky beneficiaries of a truly worthwhile experience.”

-Mike R