History is Not Destiny

In addition to food, shelter and love, I got a few other gifts from my parents: family history of prediabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, colon polyps, reflux, arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease and dementia, to name a few. I wasn’t feeling too grateful when, in my late 40’s, I was diagnosed with prediabetes and started to worry about my own future health.  

After I got past the denial (but I already eat great and exercise!) and bargaining (I won’t eat dessert tonight, promise!), I was fortunate enough to learn about whole food plant-based nutrition. The potential health benefits of choosing foods based on their nutrient densitymaximizing fiber and phytonutrients while minimizing saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar and additives — are astounding.  

Today, I no longer have prediabetes. I’m happy with my weight. I sleep better. I don’t have episodes of debilitating pain from irritable bowel syndrome. And I no longer get bronchitis for weeks to months every winter.  

Most importantly, I know I’m setting a good example for my children and setting them up for a lifetime of good health.  

Now I want to share that success with you!