Live Your Healthiest Life

Lifestyle Medicine & Weight Management

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Want more health and more life, but need help getting there?

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Perhaps your goal is to prevent or reverse chronic disease, but you’re frustrated by a medical system that only wants you to take more pills.

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Or you’re looking to promote health and longevity, but aren’t sure how to optimize your lifestyle to make it happen.

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Maybe you want to lose weight, but feel like you’ve already tried everything – and nothing works longterm.

Live your healthiest life with personalized physician support.

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Lifestyle Optimization

Reset your metabolic health by joyfully engaging in the most successful evidence-based lifestyle practices available.

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Weight Management

Doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it alone. Medically supervised weight loss gives you the opportunity to feel like yourself again.

Our Strategy

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Thorough Assessment

We start with a thorough assessment of your medical history and current health status. Later, you’ll want to look back at where you started and celebrate how far you’ve come!

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Personalized Goals

We help you clarify your vision for living your healthiest life. Only you know what you want out of life, and we are here to support you in defining and reaching those goals.

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Customized Plan

We work with you to create a customized plan that builds on your strengths to help you achieve long-lasting success so you can experience more health and more life.

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Meet Dr. Elise Atkins

Hi! I’m Dr. Elise Atkins and I founded Coastal Vitality MD to help you live your healthiest life.

Back in 2018, I thought my own health was just fine, until I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. That led me to realize that I suffered pretty regularly from irritable bowel syndrome, frequent respiratory infections and a host of other bothersome issues. Once I discovered the power of lifestyle medicine, my health problems melted away and my journey toward living my own healthiest life began.

Now I’m grateful to experience more health and more life, whether I’m hiking up a mountain or simply enjoying good food with friends and family.

I aspire to live many more healthy years appreciating nature’s bounty, strengthening my personal relationships and finding purpose in my work.

Perhaps you dream of having more energy to travel, loving how you look and feel in your clothing, getting down on the floor — and back up again! — to play with your grandchildren, or something else entirely. Whatever your aspirations, I get up each morning so I can empower people like you to create your own life-changing success stories and turn your dreams into reality.

Success Stories

How Carol Lowered Her Cholesterol
and Reduced Her Risk of Heart Disease

Carol R (63 yrs) was motivated to avoid having a series of heart attacks like her father and siblings had. After less than 4 weeks of working with Dr. Elise, she brought her cholesterol down 33% and experienced lots of other benefits along with that change, including weight loss and increased energy.

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“Doc, you were right!!! Since our last conversation, I have eaten a plant based diet. I did not think that it could possibly make a change so quickly. My husband did it with me and he had great results as well. I also have lost about 6 pounds and have more energy than ever, so that is a plus. I never would have believed it. The miraculous thing is that anyone can get better in such a short amount of time. Amazing, thank you!”

Carol R.