A Little Resistance Is a Good Thing

Did you know that lean body mass has the highest metabolic rate of all the cells in your body? That means your skeletal muscle, bones and internal organs burn calories faster than your fat cells. Sure, you can’t just grow an extra kidney to increase your metabolism, but you can grow your muscles through resistance training.

And if increasing your resting metabolic rate isn’t reason enough to quit resisting resistance training, here are some more things it’s good for:

  • strengthens your bones
  • reduces your risk of falling
  • lowers the chance you’ll break a bone if you do fall
  • increases endorphins (natural feel good hormones)
  • helps you feel good about how you look
  • reduces waist circumference
  • improves mood, energy and concentration

Don’t like sweating at the gym? That’s OK. Carry light weights in your hands when you walk. Try a game of pickleball. Do some pushups against your kitchen counter. It all counts, so go for it!