Wait a Minute!

Of course, you don’t want to eat when you’re not really hungry. But you also don’t want to deprive yourself of food when you are hungry. So what should you do when you’re not sure of what your body is trying to tell you?

One idea is to just wait a minute. Or 20 minutes, to be more precise.

Putting off eating when it’s not your usual snack or meal time, or when you’ve already eaten your fill but don’t feel full yet, is a great way to give yourself time to assess your true hunger level. 

Rather than telling yourself not to eat, you are telling yourself that you absolutely will eat if you’re still hungry in a little while. Everyone can wait 20 minutes! Even when feeling stressed out and vulnerable, that’s usually not too much to ask.

Then stick with your promise to yourself: 20 minutes later, if you’re still feeling hungry, go ahead and enjoy your food! If not, then great — you still get to look forward to eating again at your next meal.